Reviews of Darvaza Gas Crater Group Tour 2019 and 2020 (from Khiva)2 Days | Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza gas crater

Tour Reviews

Author: Anna   |   Rating: 525 May 2019
The good things about this tour are a great guide, a gas crater and a beautiful campsite.
You can sleep in a well-built tent (Yuruta) .There is also an outlet. Electricity will stop at midnight.
The toilet is new, beautiful and comfortable.
It was a wonderful experience.

Visited April 2019
Author: Maki   |   Rating: 521 May 2019
I had a very greatfulful time at Darvaza Gas Crater with participants in the same tour.
Gas Crater was beyond my imagination.
I was surprised at new and clean Campsite that it has toilet and shower.
Sleeping in “Yuruta” was also great experience for me.

Visited May 2019
Author: Akiko   |   Rating: 514 May 2019
Nikita is a wonderful guide. His English is perfect and easy to understand. I could know about Turkmenistan more than I expected! And I would like to visit Turkmenistan, again.

Visited April 2019

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