Armenian Culture - Theatres

The art of theater on the territory of Armenia began long before the Christian age. It was introduced by the founders of this art form – ancient Greeks - during Hellenistic epoch when the territory of Armenian uplands was occupied by Great Armenia with the capital in Tigranakert. It is known that Armenian tsar Tigran II the Great constructed the amphitheatre (survived in ruins) in the 1 st century BC where Greek actors invited by him showed Greek tragedies and comedies.

According to Plutarch, Armenian tsar Artavazd II created tragedies which were shown in Artashat – the second capital of Armenia (1 st century AD). Even though the history of professional Armenian theatre totals more than two millennia, the true original revival of Armenian theater art is dated the second half of the 19 th century. In 1921 in Yerevan G.Sundukyan Theater, the largest drama theatre in Armenia was opened. Its repertory consists of the plays of western classics and well-known Armenian playwrights. In 1933 Yerevan Opera and Ballet Theatre was opened.