Russian Disunity

Mstislav I (1125 – 1132), the son of Vladimir Monomakh, managed to maintain the unity of Russian land for a while. But after his death Kievan Rus disintegrated into separate states and princedoms. That period is called Russian disunity. On the palce of once unified state there appeared about 15 princedoms. The biggest and the most influential were Vladimir-Suzdal and Galitsk-Volynsk principalities as well as Novgorod feudal republic. Yuri Dolgoruki, the son of Vladimir Monomakh, the knyaz of Rostov-Suzdal territory, owned Kiev throne too. The son of Yuri Dolgoruki, Andrei Bogolyubsky, transferred the capital from Rostov to Vladimir. But the new ruling Vladimir-Suzdal land was not destined to further economic growth. It was interrupted by Mongolian invasion.