Christianization of Russia

In 1980 the grandson of Igor, Vladimir I, proclaimed himself as the Great Kievan Knyaz (Prince).
Under his rule all territories of eastern Slavs were united under the name Kievan Rus; the formation of territorial structure of Russian state was finished.

Giving up paganism in favor of orthodoxy was one of the conditions of Russia’s connection with the rest of European Christian world. Vladimir decided to adopt Christianity - the state religion of Byzantium - one of the mightiest states in Europe and Asia of that time.

Historians consider 988 as the year of Christianity adoption in Russia. Having been baptized, Vladimir baptized his boyars and later all his people. Despite the complex and dramatic baptizing process (most Russians were reluctant to refuse from their pagan gods) the Christianity adoption in Russia in many ways promoted the further strengthening and development of the country.