Centre of the modern art Garaj

    source: afisha.ru

“Garaj”, a centre of the modern culture is a monument of architecture which is now is one of the largest exhibition spaces devoted to the modern art. Bakhmetevski garaj, a recognized masterpiece of constructivism, was built in 1926 by avant-gardist Konstantin Melnikov and “Russian Eiffel” Vladimir Shukhov, for placing buses “Leyland” which had been bought by Moscow government. The building is unique thanks to its spacious composition and bright artistic appearance is included in the list of the most original building of the 20-ies of the 20th century.

In 2008 the Center of modern art which enclosed exhibition ground, book shop, lecture hall and café, was open in the building of the Garaj. Exhibition of various actors are regularly conducted in the Centre, famous painters deliver their lectures dedicated to the modern art