In one of the most beautiful places of Moscow, on the embankment of Serebryano-Vinogradny pond, there is the culture and entertainment complex Kremlin and Vernisage in Ismaylovo. Vernisage in Ismaylovo is the largest fair exhibition in the world where the patterns of graphic decorative and applied art and craft is presented. Works of the national artisans from all Russian regions are presented at the fair exhibition.

Kremlin in Ismailovo is a historical, architectural and entertainment complex on the territory, which embrace 7 museums: the Museum of Russian Clothes and Customs, the Museum of Bells, the Museum of Russian Fairy-Tales, Museum of the History of Vodka, the Museum of Russian Toys, Yard of Blacksmiths, Lyceum of the Folk Arts and Crafts "Danilo-Master", where you can practice how to work with a potter's wheel, painting utensils and toys, weaving and other crafts.

The Center for the complex is the Temple on behalf of the patron of merchants and artisans of St. Nicholas. By today this structure is considered the highest wooden Orthodox church.

Russian Meal Palace (similar to the historic wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in Izmailovo) in also built in Isvailovo Kremlin. Here you can taste traditional dishes of various nationalities in Russia.