Samarkand City Tour1 Day | Ulugbek Observatory, Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis, Registan Square etc.

Private Tour from US$ 90
  • Registan, SamarkandRegistan, Samarkand
  • Shakhi-Zinda, SamarkandShakhi-Zinda, Samarkand
  • Gur-Emir, SamarkandGur-Emir, Samarkand
  • Bibi Hanim Mosque, SamarkandBibi Hanim Mosque, Samarkand
  • Shakhi-Zinda, SamarkandShakhi-Zinda, Samarkand
  • Siab Bazaar, SamarkandSiab Bazaar, Samarkand
  • Ulugbek Observatory, SamarkandUlugbek Observatory, Samarkand
  • Ulugbek Observatory, SamarkandUlugbek Observatory, Samarkand
  • Registan, Samarkand
  • Shakhi-Zinda, Samarkand
  • Gur-Emir, Samarkand
  • Bibi Hanim Mosque, Samarkand
  • Shakhi-Zinda, Samarkand
  • Siab Bazaar, Samarkand
  • Ulugbek Observatory, Samarkand
  • Ulugbek Observatory, Samarkand

This is the best Samarkand tour for visiting this great city in just one day. Of all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Uzbekistan, Samarkand is the most majestic: the squares were once filled with merchants from far and wide, and the halls of these grand buildings were walked by some of most important scholars of their time. Start with the Ulugbek Observatory, a museum dedicated to the achievements and work of scientists from generations past. Shahi-Zinda, a winding alley lined with intricately-decorated mausoleums, is the next stop, followed by Bibi-Khanum Mosque, still impressive even though it has laid in ruins for centuries. Registan Square is the crown jewel of Samarkand, a symbol of Samarkand’s history as a trade and cultural center on the Silk Road. Finish up the tour with stops at Siab Bazaar, perfect for wandering among vendors of dried fruits, colorful cloths, and freshly-baked bread, and Gur-Emir Mausoluem, the final resting place of Timur, one of the greatest rulers of Central Asia. For just one day, you’ll be back in the time of the Silk Road, walking the streets of Samarkand and seeing the monuments of this great city.

Tour itinerary:

Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel in Samarkand. The tour begins with a visit to Ulugbek Observatory, where part of the sextant from the 15th century is preserved. Continue to Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis and remains of Bibi-Khanum Mosque. Walking through an alley with souvenir shops, you will reach the spectacular Registan Square which has been the center of Samarkand for many centuries. During sightseeing you will have a chance to visit the colorful Siab bazaar with stalls full of oriental sweets, local fruits and variety of freshly baked traditional breads. The last point of interest to be visited is Gur-Emir Mausoleum – the final resting place of Timur, a great emperor. End of the tour.

Price includes:

  1. Guided sightseeing tour;
  2. Entrance fees to the museums, mausoleums and other sights;
  3. Transport throughout the city tour.

Prices, per person

1 person
US$ 230
2 persons
US$ 130
3 persons
US$ 110
4 persons
US$ 90
Prices are for 2024 in US$ per person, with discounted prices for larger groups available on request.

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The starting time of the tour is up to you and may vary from 09.00 am to 16.00 pm.
We are happy to offer this tour for air/train passengers too. Our guide will meet you at the arrival station.

Samarkand City Tour Reviews

Author: SunYoung KIM   |   Rating: 518 April 2017
Stayed for two days in the beautiful city. I spent all this time only to look at the scene alone in the first day I arrived.

It was worth enough to take a trip like this.

Professional guide to explain as well as safe from the next day tour is on the city became more clearly let me know.

Visited April 2017
Author: Zauresh Amanzholova   |   Rating: 503 May 2016
For such a short notice I gave about going to Samarkand, the tour was organized very well. All the details were very well-thought of. The staff is professional, their recomendations are handy useful. I have already recommended your travel agency to my friends.

Visited April 2016
Author: Kaname Suzuki   |   Rating: 418 November 2015
1. Interpreter is excellent both Japanese and knowledge for Samarkand.

2. Train Afrosiyob was very uncomfortable, especially lateral vibration of carriage and an ear-splitting noise.

3. Registan square was more magnificent that the Taj Mahal in India.

Visited October 2015
Author: Suzy Lahitte   |   Rating: 515 November 2014
The tour was excellent from start to finish. Our plans changed and the company worked with us to accommodate our new schedule. Our tour guide, Dilya, was interesting, informative, knowledgeable, and fun. Our group ranged in age from 24 to 83 and she kept us all engaged and interested. She was even able to help us at the end of the day when there were problems with our hotel (not due to Advantour). I definitely recommend the tour.

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