Beshik-Tui Traditions in Uzbekistan

Beshik-TuiThis ancient ceremony has been preserved in Uzbekistan culture from times immemorial and still is one of the most popular holidays in Uzbekistan. For every family it is a great holiday. All relatives, neighbors and family friends are involved in the preparation to the beshik-tui.

It is celebrated on the fortieth day after birthday of a child. Relatives of the young mother bring “beshik”, a beautifully embollished cradle, clothes, and everything necessary for a newborn. Also it is a custom to bring bread, sweets and toys, wrapped in clothes.

Traditionally, while guests enjoy and regaling themselves at the holiday table, in the nursery elder women carry on the rite of first swaddling and placing the child into the “beshik”. The ceremony finishes with a presentation of a child, during which invited guests present the child with gifts.