Khatna-Kilish Traditions in Uzbekistan

Khatna-kilish or Sunnat Tui is an ancient rite of circumcision. Preparations for this rite begin since the birth of a boy: members of the family sew quilts, covers, garments. The rite is performed when the boy reaches three, five, seven or nine years old and very seldom when he is 11-12 years old.

Before the beginning of the ceremony elder men, imam (priest) and immediate relatives read the Koran and say their blessings and wishes. Then the boy is dressed in new clothes, brought by relatives and neighbors. It is followed by a small ritual “takhurar”, when women put pillows and blankets on the chest. The ceremony is finished with traditional Uzbek dish, pilaf, and dances. It is a custom to give symbolical gifts to the boy: money (wealth), sweets (prosperity), expensive clothes, weapon and etc.