Towers of Kremlin, Moscow Kremlin

The 20 Kremlin towers in terms of their configuration can be divided into round and square, according to the special fortifications rules. The corners of the triangle are fitted with the round towers - Corner Arsenalnaya, Vodovzvodnaya and Beklemishevskaya. The sites where the most important strategic roads led to the Kremlin were protected by powerful square towers with pass gates - Spasskaya, Nikolskaya, Troitskaya, Borovitskaya, Tayinitskaya, and Konstantino-Elenitskaya.

The towers stand out of the walls providing better control of the area and shooting range. The strong towers could play the role of independent fortresses in the case of enemies’ breakthrough inside the Kremlin. In total there were 22 towers in the Kremlin: 21 outer and one inner. Each of the towers of the Moscow Kremlin has a peculiar, unique appearance.

Kremlin Towers
Taynitskaya tower
Beklemishevskaya tower
Vodovzvodnaya tower
Borovitskaya tower
Nikolskaya tower
Spasskaya tower
Troitskaya tower
Middle Arsenalnaya tower
Corner Arsenalnaya tower
Senatskaya tower
Tsarskaya tower
Nabatnaya tower
Konstantino Eleninskaya tower
Petrovskaya tower
First Unnamed tower
Second Unnamed tower
Blagoveschenskaya tower
Komendantskaya tower
Oruzheynaya tower
Kutafya tower