First Unnamed Tower

In the 1480s near the Tainitskaya Tower was built the First Unnamed Tower of scanty architectural forms. It always served purely defensive functions. In the 15th – 16th centuries the First Unnamed tower was used for storing gunpowder. In 1547 the explosion of gunpowder ruined the tower, and in the 17th century it was erected again. At the same time it was built up with the marquee tier in the form of a pyramid. The fate of the First Unnamed Tower is rather interesting. It literally was revived several times. In 1770-1771 the tower was dismantled to make room for the construction of the Kremlin Palace. The tower was built again in 1783, closer to the Tainitskaya Tower. In 1812, the First Unnamed Tower was blown up by the retreating French troops, but was soon it was restored to its previous and current condition by the architect Osip Bove.