Kremlin Palaces, Moscow Kremlin

The Grand Kremlin Palace is the center of the country’s political life. The entire look of the building in accordance with its purpose of breathes with respectability and nobility. The facade of the palace overlooks the Moskva River and stretches for 125 meters. A long time ago the palace site was occupied by the temporary residence of the imperial family. Then, in the 18th century, it was replaced by the famous Winter Palace built by the architect Rastrelli. To present palace was built in 1838-1849 by a group of Russian architects under the leadership of K.A. Ton.

The palace’s facade has three levels, although in fact it consists of two floors. The first floor protrudes forming the open terrace. The ceremonial rooms begin with the Grand lobby, whose arches are supported by four columns-monoliths. The first floor of the palace is occupied by the so-called His Imperial Majesty’s half intended for the Emperor himself and his family. All in all there are over 700 rooms in the Palace. The most significant ones presenting architectural, artistic and historical interest are Georgievsky Hall, Catherine Hall, Vladimirsky Hall, Conference Room and the Faceted Chamber.

Other Kremlin Palaces
Amusement Palace
Terem Palace
Residence of the President of Russia
Palace of Congresses
The Government Building