Turkmenistan Cultural Tours

Door-to-Hell at Night Tour

Book 2-day Darvaza gas crater tour to explore “Door to Hell”, 60 meters diameter hole that has been burning since 1971. On the way to Darvaza you will enjoy pristine nature of Karakum, Central Asia’s hottest desert and one of the main caravan paths on the Great Silk Road. You will also discover more than 2000 years old Kunya-Urgench, the capital of ancient Khorezm Empire.

Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza gas crater, Karakum desert
2 Days | April - November | Reviews (0)
6-day Turkmenistan Classic Tour

Visit the most remarkable places of Turkmenistan: Ashgabat, Mary, Merv, Darvaza Gas Crater, Dashoguz, Kunya-Urgench.

Ashgabat, Mary, Merv, Darvaza Gas Crater, Dashoguz, Kunya-Urgench
6 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)
Highlights of Turkmenistan. 8-day Tour

Explore monuments of ancient civilizations of the East and ethnotourism in the Kyzyl Kum desert and Kopet Dag Mountains.

Ashgabat, Mary, Merv, Darvaza Gas Crater, Dashoguz, Kunya-Urgench, Nohur, Turkmenbashi, Yangikala
8 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)
Discover Ancient Turkmenistan. 10-day Tour

10-day Discover Ancient Turkmenistan Tour: more cities, attractions and unforgettable impressions.

Ashgabat, Mary, Merv, Darvaza, Gas Crater, Dashoguz, Kunya-Urgench, Turkmenbashi, Yangikala
10 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)
10-day Turkmenistan Tour: from Desert to Coast

Make an unforgettable 10-day tour to Turkmenistan. Modern and ancient cities, exotics of the Karakum Desert and phenomenal gas crater «The Gate to Hell» are ahead of you.

Ashgabat, Nohur, Serdar, Dehistan, Balkanabat, Turkmenbashi, Darvaza Gas Crater, Kunya-Urgench, Mary, Merv
10 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)
Koytendag Tour: Dinosaur Plateau and Turkmenistan’s Far East:

Discover the nature and history of Turkmenistan’s Far East on this 4-day Koytendag tour of the unique Dinosaur Plateau, the Umbar Dere Gorge and waterfall, and other highlights of this remote region.

Astana Baba and Alamberdar mausoleum complex, Dinosaur Plateau, Umbar Dere Gorge and waterfall, Kyrk Gyz pilgrim cave, Kainar Baba Lake
4 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Cultural tours in Turkmenistan are the tours to one of the most indigenous Central Asian countries. Popular sightseeing tours will introduce you to the Turkmen architectural monuments and natural attractions: legendary Nisa – a residence of Parthian kings, the medieval town of Enev, ruins of ancient Merv, cave settlement of Ekedeshik, Gonur Depe temple complex, Karlyuk caves, gas crater in Darvaza, plateau of dinosaurs, Lunar mountains, ancient mud volcano Boyadag, underground lake Kow-Ata – it is impossible to name all! The pride of the Turkmen nation - white marble Ashgabat and its modern attractions included in the Guinness Book of Records.