St.George Hall

Georgievsky Hall is the most majestic and beautiful hall of the palace. It was named in honor of the Order of St. George the Victorious, the highest order in the Russian army, which was established in 1769 to reward the generals and officers. The name matches the interior of the room. It is decorated with 18 powerful twisted columns, ornamented with statues of victory crowned with laurel wreaths and memorable dates. The marble statues on pylons allegorically represent the regions and kingdoms that make up the multinational state. The hall is illuminated by massive gilt chandeliers and sconces. The ceiling is decorated with floral stucco ornament. The parquet floor is laid with a pattern of more than 20 different precious kinds of wood - birch, ash, Indian rosewood, sycamore, plane trees, etc. The furniture consists of a gold-plated banquettes covered with silk moire in St. George ribbons colors. Georgievsky Hall is the largest reception hall in the entire palace: its length is 61 m, width – 20.5 m, height – 17.5 m. Among the numerous orders the stars, presented here, there are marble tablets on which the names of 545 regiments, naval crews and batteries and more than 10 thousand names of officers and generals that received the highest military award are carved.