Palace of Congresses


The palace complex of the Kremlin includes another Soviet-era building. This is building of the State Kremlin Palace. It was built in 1960-1961 for congresses and conferences, public gatherings, theatrical performances, and concerts. The State Kremlin Palace opened its doors on Oct. 17, 1961. The State Kremlin Palace combines the features of modern architecture with traditional Russian. Mirrored glasses in aluminum framework create an impression of lightness of the huge building. Discreetly inserted into the ancient Kremlin complex, it doesn’t stand out from among the surrounding buildings. The solemn atmosphere of the palace is reinforced by its magnificent interior. The color gamut of the foyer is created by polished white Urals marble columns, staircases, and light tones of the floors. The palace has more than 800 different facilities. The State Kremlin Palace of Congresses is the world's largest building with a theater stage. The house of the palace can accommodate 6,000 people. The palace is favored by the best ensembles, orchestras and soloists, who come on tour in Moscow. Under the hall there is the banquet hall, accommodating up to 2,500 guests.