Government Building

The construction of this unique monument of the Kremlin complex in Moscow Classical style began in 1776 on the site of the monastery and the premises of Princes Trubetskoy. Only 12 years later the amazed Muscovites saw this exceptionally beautiful building of the Moscow office of the Senate. Formerly it was called the White or Catherine’s and was intended for gatherings of the nobility. It is one of the best round halls of Moscow both in terms of wealth of architectural ornamentation and bold constructive solution. Its diameter is 24 meters, the height - 29 meters. The hall is decorated with 18 columns, moldings, bas-reliefs depicting the great Russian princes and tsars. In the center of the main facade, facing the Arsenal, there is the passage to the courtyard made in the form of a triumphal arch with 4-column portico and a pediment. In the center of the building there rises a huge dome above the grand circular hall. It is visible from almost viewing points and fits nicely into the Red Square complex.