Catherine Hall

Catherine Hall, formerly the throne room of Russian empresses, has retained its grandeur and luxury. The refinement of the decoration, cozy atmosphere and seclusion give the room a special atmosphere of ostentation. Catherine Hall is named in the honor of the only female Order of Russia, St. Catherine’s, founded by Peter I in 1714. The pictures of the Order bearing the motto “For love and the country” sprinkled with large synthetic diamonds are placed on the walls and doors of the hall. The walls are draped in light gray moire pattern with a beautiful border matching the color ribbon. The Catherine Hall also features the pilasters on massive pillars standing on either entrance side entrance, with patterns made of tiny pieces of malachite crafted by talented craftsmen. The cross vaults and cornices are decorated with gilded stucco ornamentation. To decorate Catherine Hall Russian artists widely used stucco decorations. The hall is illuminated by gilt bronze chandeliers and originally structured six crystal chandeliers. The parquet of the Catherine Hall presents great artistic value due to the magnificent selection of woods and high quality craftsmanship. Its composition is particularly decorative, full of complex combinations of geometrical and floral patterns.