Reviews of Kazakhstan Tour 37 Days | Lake Issyk, Charyn Canyon, Turgen gorge, Medeo, Turkestan, Almaty, Shymkent

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Author: Elisabeth G.   |   Rating: 507 August 2019
Basically I was happy with the chosen itinerary. The change between travelling by car and sightseeing was well balanced. On the one hand, we could see a lot and cool down in the car, on the other hand, we had plenty of first hand impressions and also enough exercise. Alexander was an extremely friendly and helpful guide, who reacted immediately to all our wishes. He was reliable and helped us get into the train and even to find the space for the luggage - we probably would have had a problem
with that. His English was excellent.
Concerning transportation, in Almaty we had a more or less brand new van, which was very comfortable. Moreover, for our tour to the national parks we had a very friendly driver. Although he didn’t speak English, he tried to communicate with some words and via translation. Evidently he knows this region extremely well and is an excellent driver.
To conclude I have to say that we appreciated the perfect organisation and you may be sure that we will recommend you to any people interested in travels to your area.
Who knows, perhaps I’ll even travel myself to other countries in this area.

Visited July 2019

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