On Crimean Embankmnet, near the Central House of Artist is Russia's only open-air museum of sculptures called Muzeon.

There, on the territory of nearly 20 hectares are collected the works of Russian sculptors from different generations in a variety of artistic styles. The collection contains about 700 unique sculptures made of stone, wood, bronze and other materials.

The idea of a museum of sculptures appeared in 1991, when by the decision of Moscow government were dismantled the monuments to communist figures, such as Stalin, Sverdlov, Dzerzhinsky, Kalinin and others. The dismantled monuments from all over Moscow were brought to Crimean Embankment and installed in the Muzeon Park of Arts. The museum’s exhibition consists of three main sections - historical, contemporary and children’s. The historical section contains a lot of exhibits dedicated to war themes. The park is the place of regular children's festivals, exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and flowers.