Tverskoy Boulevard

Bathing in green lime trees, Tverskoy Boulevard, is the elder among Moscow boulevards: it was the first to be created in the summer of 1796 on the site of a ten-meter wall of the White City. However, historically the first Moscow boulevard appeared only twenty years later, under Paul I. It was Tverskoy boulevard, which celebrated bicentennial anniversary in the summer of 1996! Tverskoy Boulevard is located in the heart of Moscow and is a renowned and prestigious spot in the capital. Many times praised in the works of Russian classics, Tverskoy Boulevard is extraordinarily beautiful and romantic. On Tverskoy Boulevard and nearby there are three famous Moscow theaters: Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky, A. Pushkin Theater on Malaya Bronnaya as well as the memorial museum of the great actresses Yermolova. There is also a building, which is called “the house of Herzen”, where Alexander Herzen wa born. Later it housed a literary salon, which was attended by Aksakov, Belinsky, Gogol, and Granovsky. In 1920 the house was handed over to organizations of Russia's writers, inhabited by Ivanov, Mandelstam, Platonov, other writers; were Yesenin, Mayakovsky, and Gorky read their works. Since 1934 this house has been owned by the world’s famous Literary Institute named after Gorky.