Uzbekistan Handicrafts: Ceramic Art

Ceramic art, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan ceramic art through many centuries was the most developed craft in this region. Ceramic masters made of clay various necessary potteries: cups, pialas, dishes, jugs. Then the pottery was painted and glazed.

The most outstanding schools of traditional ceramic art were Rishtan, Gijduvan, Khina, Samarkand, Gurumsay, Shakhrisabz, Urgut, Khorezm, Tashkent. Each school was distinguished for own style and features.

The most famous Uzbekistan ceramic articles are made in Rishtan. It is renowned for the blue glaze Ishkor. It is natural dye, produced from plant ash. Rishtan ceramics is mostly decorated with herbal elements as well as images of kumgans, birds, fishes, elements of architectural adornments.