Uzbekistan Handicrafts: Carpet Weaving

Carpet weaving, Uzbekistan

Ancient traditions of Uzbekistan carpet weaving are revived today in many regions of Uzbekistan. Bright, original, intricate patterns, distinctive color (from red-brown to red-blue), brightness, and countless options of patterns and ornament made local carpets renowned in many countries.

Homemade carpet weaving is developed in Ferghana Valley, Nurota Mountains, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Syrdarya region, Karakalpakstan. Samarkand, Urgut, Kokand and Khorezm are the centers for the carpet weaving and sale. Craftsmen produce long pile and short pile carpets (dzhulhirs, gilyam), pileless carpets (rugs). The characteristic feature of short pile carpets is their red-brown tint, lit up by the harmony of light-colored details of the principal medallions, which usually appear in geometrical shapes.