Bukhara City Tour1 Day | Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble, Magoki-Attori Mosque, Chor-Minor Madrasah, trade domes etc.

Bukhara City Tour: one-day trip and excursion

Bukhara tour in the historical center, started from the picturesque Lyabi-Khauz basin will take you to the world of medieval East for a few hours. You will see the most famous mosques and madrasahs of the Holy City; visit the unassailable Ark fortress and the 47-m Kalyan minaret like a beacon pointing the way to trade caravans and pilgrims traveling to Bukhara.

Tour itinerary:

A guide will meet you at hotel in Bukhara, which is a starting point of the city tour. Enjoy a walking sightseeing tour with a guide in Old City. Visit Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble, Magoki-Attori Mosque, Chor-Minor Madrasah, trade domes, Kalyan Minaret, Kalyan Mosque and Miri-Arab Madrasah, Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan madrasahs, Ark Fortress, Bolo-Khauz Mosque, Ismail Samani and Chashma-Ayub mausoleums.
Duration of sightseeing tour: 6-7 hours


Price includes:

  1. Guided sightseeing tour;
  2. Entrance fees to the museums, mausoleums and other sights.


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