Azerbaijan tours from Dubai

Azerbaijan Classic Tour

Discover Eastern Caucasus with an unforgettable 6 day Azerbaijan cultural tour. Here you will see unique natural monuments, historical and cultural sites; compare the rhythm of megapolis and peaceful life of beautiful villages.

Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan, Khinalug, Lahij, Sheki, Kish, Shamakhi
6 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)
Explore Crossroads of Europe and Asia Tour

Take the five-day cultural Explore Crossroads of Europe and Asia Tour to discover the most exciting sights and colours of the Land of Fire.

Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan, Khinalug
5 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)
Tour to the Heart of Azerbaijan

Intensive and bright tour to the central part of Azerbaijan. Explore dozens of historical monuments: temples, mausoleums, palaces and fortresses. You will also enjoy the beauties of the nature travelling on the roads.

Shamakha, Lahij, Qabala, Kish, Sheki, Ganja
3 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Why visit Azerbaijan from the UAE?

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai

Azerbaijan is the land of fire. It is home to some of the world’s most enviable gas and oil fields, nearly half of the world’s mud volcanoes, Ateshgah Zoroastrian Fire Temple, and the natural, eternally burning flames of Yanar Dag. Did you know that a flight from Dubai to Armenia takes only 2.55 hours?!

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai offer guests a journey across the Caucasian leg of the Silk Road, where history and modernity collide across dreamy semi-desert landscapes.

Let's take a closer look at why traveling to Azerbaijan from the UAE is a great choice for a vacation!

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai

The flight from Dubai to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, takes only 2.55 hours. There are several direct flights every day!

Visa requirements for traveling to Azerbaijan from UAE

The citizens of the UAE can get E-visa to Azerbaijan in several days on the following website.

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai

Azerbaijan is a country with nine climate zones stretching across the country. Snow-capped Caucasian Mountains border hot, dry deserts while sun-soaked meadows merge with Caspian Sea coasts. Azerbaijan’s contrasts go beyond nature: cutting-edge architecture straddles caravanserais laden with secrets, while Soviet designs blend with Islamic architecture in a land that never ceases to amaze everyone who plans to travel to Azerbaijan from the UAE.

The weather of Azerbaijan is another strong advantage of the Azerbaijan tours from Dubai. Azerbaijan is between the Caspian Sea coast and the southern Caucasus Mountains, which apart from creating a beautifully diverse landscape, has resulted in a whole diversity of climates. Weather in Azerbaijan ranges from subtropical to tundra and continental climate.

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai

If you want to enjoy snow and skiing, winter tours to Azerbaijan from the UAE has much to offer. Winter transforms the high peaks of Azerbaijan into a snowy white paradise. Ski resorts at Shahdag and Tufandag are filled with frenzied fun, while many see wintertime as a chance to slow down and relax over hearty Azerbaijani food. Since Azerbaijan’s winter is usually quite mild, many local sites are still accessible to travelers.

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai

National cuisine is the country's most valuable asset. From children to the elderly, everyone enjoys it. Local food is served not only in cafes and restaurants but also in almost every household. The abundance of meat, fish, vegetables, spices, and seasonings makes this cuisine unique and will add a special taste to your trip to Azerbaijan from Dubai.

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai will enable you to visit various sacred mosques. Islam is the main religion of Azerbaijan. 99.2 percent of the country’s population are Muslims.

Azerbaijan tours from Dubai

Many local restaurants serve delicious Halal food, in Yerevan and the other regions as well, to make your trip to Azerbaijan from Dubai even more enjoyable.

If check the Azerbaijan tours from Dubai, we recommend the following programs to create memorable memories that will last a lifetime.