One-day Azerbaijan Group Tours

One-day Azerbaijan Group Tours

Azerbaijan, a stunning and often overlooked gem in the Caucasus, awaits your discovery. Embark on our immersive one-day Azerbaijan group tours, and journey through ancient landmarks scattered across Baku, the Absheron Peninsula, Shamakhi, Guba, and other intriguing Azerbaijani cities. Delight in delectable Azerbaijani cuisine, savor fine local wines, and gain insights into the vibrant, colorful ethnic customs and culture that define this unique country.

All tours run on daily basis.

Gobustan & Absheron Group Tour

Gobustan & Absheron Group Tour (everyday)

One-day Gobustan & Absheron group tour will divulge you the Museum of Petroglyphs, and Gobustan mud volcanoes, you will also discover Yanardag Mount often called "eternal flame mountain" and get acquainted with the famous fire temple of Ateshgah.

Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan National Park

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US$ 64 per person

Old & Modern Baku Group Tour

Old & Modern Baku Group Tour (everyday)

Old & Modern Baku Group Tour is a kaleidoscope of bright colors, Orient, and European glitz. The land of fire, as Azerbaijan is often called, will reveal its entire beauty during this fascinating tour across the city.

Maiden Tower, Shirvan Shahs’ Palace, Memory Alley Shehidler Khiyabany, National Carpets Museum

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US$ 34 per person

Quba & Khinalug Group Tour

Quba & Khinalug Group Tour (everyday)

This is a full-day Quba & Khinalug Group Tour to visit the Northern part of Azerbaijan and cover Quba city and Khinalug village. Khinalug is Azerbaijan's largest, most distant, and remote village and one of the highest in the Caucasus and among the world's oldest continuously inhabited areas.

Qecresh Forest, Quba, Khinalug, Mestergah Waterfall

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US$ 74 per person

Gabala & Shamakhi Group Tour

Gabala & Shamakhi Group Tour (everyday)

This is a full-day Gabala & Shamakhi Group Tour to the North Eastern part of Azerbaijan. Gabala, Azerbaijan's highest regional holiday city, is a series of flashy modern hotels and a flourishing ski resort scattered around the foothills of some beautiful, forested mountains.

Джума-мечеть, Шамахы, Габала, озеро Нохур, водопад Семь Красавиц, Туфандаг

Details1 Day | Everyday
US$ 64 per person