Brola Grapes

The mountains in the middle and upper regions of Georgia’s Republic of Adjara are must-see territory for anyone interested in viticulture and winemaking. Brola grapes are a durable white vine variety spread mainly in these mountains. The name “brola” translates as “crystal”, for when fully ripe the grapes take on a beautiful crystal color.


Unfortunately, there is no specific information in literary sources regarding the origin of brola grapes. Georgian historian Ivane Javakhishvili places brola in the list of Adjara grape varieties based on its area of distribution, and it is presumed to have originated from one of the wild grape varieties in Adjara. Over the centuries it was transformed first by natural means and later by human intervention, and today Brola is found mainly in the mountainous regions of Adjara.


The vegetation period of the brola grape, from bud opening to full ripeness, is 191 days. The grapes ripen in mid-October. Brola is able to withstand typical winter frosts in Adjara of -6º - 10º Celsius.


Among the white grape varieties of Adjara, Brola grapes deserve special attention. They are used for making high-quality white table wines characterized by their fresh taste, rich aroma, light golden color and well-balanced mix of alcohol and acidity.