Tavkveri Grapes

Tavkveri grapes are a red grape variety from Kartli Region, Georgia which are noted for their abundant yields and their use in the production of fine-quality, light red wines.


Due to scant evidence, the exact origins of the Tavkveri grape remain unknown. Most likely it originated through natural propagation and then evolved before becoming established in various regions of Eastern Georgia. Based on its botanical and biological features, it is classified as a Kartli Region grape variety.

There are several varieties of the Tavkveri grape which are found in Kakheti and Kartli Districts, including Black Tavkveri, White Tavkveri, Saperavi-like Tavkveri, Didmartsvala Tavkveri and Patelaanteuli Tavkveri.  

Today Tavkveri is also widespread in Gori, Bolnisi, Gardabani, Tetri Tskaro and Akhalgori Districts.


Tavkveri reaches full maturity in early October. The length of the vegetation period for the vine heads, from the opening of the buds to full maturity, is 170-173 days.

The first signs of harvest may be given in the second, but more often the third year after planting, and the full harvest begins in the fifth year. The Tavkveri grape is perhaps best characterized by its abundant yields.


In past times Khidistavi village, and to a lesser extent Ateni Gorge, were known for their Tavkveri wine production, although today most of it hails from Kartli Region. Tavkveri grapes in Kartli give light red wines for mass consumption. The wine is distinguished by its purple color, moderate alcohol content, harmony and sufficient extraction.