Goruli Mtsvane Grapes

Goruli Mtsvane is a well-known name among white grape varieties common in Georgia. During the period of full maturity, the grape has a yellow-green color. That is why it is called Mtsvane, which is a Geogian word for “green”.


Mtsvane is spread in almost all regions of Georgia. Based on its location, the varieties differ based on ampelographic signs and agricultural features, which is why the Georgian viticulturists even gave each of them an additional name, deriving from the place of origin, to distinguish them from each other (Manavis Mtsvane, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Rachuli Mtsvane, Meskhuri Mtvsane).

The name literally means “Green from Gori”, a city in Georgian region of Kartli. Goruli Mtsvane is also called "Kvishkhura" in the western villages of Kartli and in Upper Imereti. Ampelographers believe that the variety originates from Borjomi district, in particular from the village of Kvishkheti. Goruli Mtsvane is also found in small quantities in Racha, where this variety is referred to as "Tbiluri". The famous Georgian historian and researcher, Ivane Javakhishvili, considered Goruli Mtsvane to be the number one variety in Kartli.

Famous Georgian landowner of Kartli, Irakli Bagration-Mukhraneli, in his estate, in the village Mukhrani, used to make wines mainly from Goruli Mtsvane grapes. The wine was famous in Russia and abroad as well. It repeatedly received high praise and awards at the Paris and Novgorod Exhibitions.


Goruli Mtsvane is the main variety for the central districts of Kartli. The total length of the vegetation period from bud opening to the end of leaf fall is 213 days. The grapes reach full maturity by the first week of October. It gives the full harvest in 4-5 years after planting.

The grapes contain relatively higher sugar content and are distinguished by higher acidity. It is the best blending material to produce sparkling wines.


The wines produced from Goruli Mtsvane have a green to light yellow straw color, fruity aroma. Wines are light bodied, with notes of honey and citrus fruits and refreshing acidity. When young Goruli Mtsvane wines are crisp and vibrant.

High quality sparkling wine is made from Goruli Mtsvane and Chinuri blend.