Tajikistan Tours from Uzbekistan

Advantour offers you tours to Tajikistan from Uzbekistan. You will visit Dushanbe - the heart of Tajikistan, whose history began almost three thousand years ago. You will also visit the architectural complex of Hazrati Shoh in Istaravshan, ancient settlements in Ura-Tube, a huge oriental bazaar in Khujand, the most beautiful lake in Tajikistan - Iskanderkul, hot mineral spring Garam Chashma and famous Hissar Fortress. Tajikistan will be best remembered with its spectacular views of the Pamir Mountains, simplicity and hospitality of the locals, teahouses and bustling bazaars.

6-day Tajikistan Tour from Tashkent

6-day Tajikistan Tour from Tashkent

Fascinating tour to the land of mountains where top of the ridges are always covered with snow and where narrow gorges hide small lakes with an amazing color of water. Do not miss your chance to dive into the world of peace and beauty of Tajikistan.

Khujand, Istaravshan, Haf Kul, Iskanderkul, Seven Lakes, Dushanbe

Details6 Days | Spring, summer and autumn
from US$ 900 per person

3-day Tajikistan Tour from Tashkent

3-day Tajikistan Tour from Tashkent

This three-day tour leaves from Tashkent, stops at the museums and bazaars of Khujand, Tajikistan, before continuing to the ruins and mausoleums of Penjikent and finally arriving back at Samarkand.

Tashkent, Khudjand, Penjikent, Samarkand

Details3 Days | All year round

4-day Tajikistan Tour from Samarkand

Tajikistan Tour from Samarkand

This four-day tour visits Penjikent, the Seven Lakes, and Khujand in Tajikistan. Penjikent is home to the birthplace of Rudaki, a famous poet, and ruins of the ancient city. The Seven Lakes are gems in the mountains of Tajikistan, and are perfect for a picnic. Khujand has long been an important city in Central Asia, and today hosts a large bazaar and several interesting sites.

Samarkand, Penjikent, Khudjand, Tashkent

Details4 Days | All year round