Disko-club Leningrad

Disko-club Leningrad, Moscow

“Leningrad” disco bar is a club for all who fall in love with the disco music of the 70-80-ies. The parties in disco style take place here every Friday and Saturday. The atmosphere in the club is very pleasant and friendly. There is written above the porch: “PrikhoDISCOrey” (literally “come –DISCO-soon”). The club’s zest is a huge mirror ball has 1.5-meter in diameter.

Before the energetic dancing it is recommended to visit a restaurant with an exquisite author’s cuisine. VIP karaoke parties are organized in “Leningrad” on Thursday. The program includes karaoke competition among the guests, to the accompaniment of a professional music group. Every month there are carried out shows of popular Russian music singers. In a word, you will not get bored here.