source: 44100.com

Famous is a night club of a premium class. Its name reflects its conception: the club is designed for those who are rich and famous. The structure of the club’s building resembles Greek amphitheatre. VIP boxes’ tiers are places on the perimeter of the hall. Each of them has its own mini space for dancing and is equipped with a separate entrance. The club’s music format is popular dance hits for all times, which are mixed in the “house” style. Since recently a progressive music sounds here more and more often. DJ does not just play disks, he works with them being physically in a free flight; a special construction helps him to roar above the dancing public. The light design is also astonished: there is a light fountain in the club and many other technological novelties. Such DJs as Eric Prydz or Robbie Riverа often give their shows here. Famous is a club of the world level where people who have are of a good judge of having fun, may enjoy.