Restaurant Turandot

Restaurant Turandot, Moscow

Turandot is not an ordinary restaurant, it is a real palace. In Europe, the 18th century passed under the sign of Chinoise (adoration to China) and presented the idea of the creation of this amazingly beautiful and luxury restaurant to Andrey Dellos, Moscow restaurateur.

The Estate is designed in style of baroque, classicism and renaissance. The refine painting, jewel porcelain vases, moulding, genuine Gobelene tapestries, ancient clocks and fireplaces. Two workshops of wood engravers, painters, sculptors had been manufacturing the interior’s details for six years. All here including carved lumps of modern authors’ work is of museum importance.There are 12 halls in “Turandot”, two main and ten banquet ones. The menu includes dishes from Japan, European, Chinese cuisines, and fusion cuisine, as well. Alan Yao, the only chief cook who are awarded with two stars of Mishlen, is responsible here for Asian food.Tea sommeliers work at the restaurant. They advise guests which tea should be chosen taking into consideration of their physical condition, time of visiting the restaurant and the compatibility with oriental dishes. The tea list of the restaurant contains “Ulun” with the milk aroma, “Mountain peaks in pink haze”, “Silver peaks of Tcyun Shan mountains”, “Puer” of 10-year aging and many others.The music corresponds to the institution: instrumental music (harp, violin, violoncello) sounds here every evening.