Restaurant Dragon Temple

Restaurant Dragon Temple, Moscow

It is not an ordinary restaurant, it is a fairy-tale palace garden with a real river, on whose embankment there are placed arbours with tables and the banks are connected with bridges. From the bridges it is possible to see Philippine carps and see turtles. It is permitted to feed the turtles if to ask a waiter to give special forage. Imperial mandarin ducks and Chinese pheasants walk between the tables in the palace garden. The restaurant’s menu offers the dishes of Chinese and Japanese food. The wine card numbers around 200 items including both traditional for this restaurant Chinese and Japanese wines and wines of France, Chili, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Africa, new Zealand. The furniture and interior subjects were made by masters of the Celestial Empire.

In addition to the main hall, there are two cabinets fro 6 and 25 persons, with karaoke.