“Sudar” restaurant

“Sudar” restaurant, Moscow

“Sudar” is a restaurant of Russian aristocratic cuisine, in which all guests are called only ”sudar” and “sudarynya” (“sir” and “madam”). Dear and always expected guests are welcomed by the best doorman of Moscow Davydychev, together with the unique Jacquot parrot called "Sudar". The restaurant's interior reproduces the atmosphere of an aristocratic estate of the 18th - early 19th centuries.

The restaurant’s cuisine is Russian, aristocrat. The menu perfectly depicts all dishes which are recreated from old cookbooks. Brew juice or traditional cordials and liqueurs will be a perfect complement to the meal. In the evening, city's old songs sound in “Sudar”.

In order to plunge into the atmosphere of that time, guests can to stay alone in the library and to leaf through ancient tomes, to look through the photos that are prints the old era and show the heroes of 1812. The gentry, poets and writers look at us through the time.

Some time ago, in addition to that splendor, there appeared quite an unusual summer porch "Abajur", in which there are pavilions in the form of a coffee pot, teapot and sugar bowl.