Restaurant “Expedition. Arctic Cuisine”

Restaurant “Expedition. Arctic Cuisine”, Moscow

The restaurant “Expedition. Arctic Cuisine” is a restaurant of northern cuisine. The dishes are cooked only from the ingredients which are delivered from the Extreme North (from Archangelsk to Kamchatka). And the team consisting from the cooks and waiters, annually goes to the North in search of new recipes.

At the entrance to the restaurant guests are welcomed by a white bear almost like real one. The fireplace and a helicopter are decorated the hall. Movies about trips are running, guitar songs sound – in a word, it is a real expedition romantics. Any dish which you chose will be served in a unusual way. Thus, the ‘Geologist’s ration’ is given only to the helicopter and only for two personsl; hunter’s soup “Shulum” is served by a waiter in a camouflage uniform, hang a gun on the shoulder, smoke a “Belomorkanal” and offer a cigarette to the guest.

The waiter will also tell you where the recipe of the dish that you have ordered, was found and the stories linked with it. As a gift to the bill, the restaurant presents Altay cedar cone. If you want to turn an ordinary meal into a unforgettable travel, go to expedition!