Club is Your Bar №1

The “Club is Your Bar №1” refers to the unique Japan conception. Anyone can become an owner of this institution for one or two days. For few days the signboard is changed, menu and business cards are decorated with a logo of a new owner who possesses now a cap “The Bar’s owner”. A personal management assists to realize all that have been invented. He solves the questions of the additional technical equipment, advertisement, organization of show programs.

At the “Club is Your Bar №1”, the previous day is not like the next one. Students turn the bar into a personal cinema or organize informal parties, businessmen make there a karaoke bar, sportsmen organize a sport bar … in a word, when coming here you will never know what to expect tonight.

Everyone would like to find himself in the role of an owner of a bar. The “Club is Your Bar # 1” will embody your dream in reality.