Cruiser «Aurora», Saint-Petersburg

Cruiser «Aurora» is one of the most unusual museums of St. Petersburg


This monument produces different attitudes toward it, because symbolically it did change the course of history by immersing the country in the era of socialism for decades. However, the fact remains - the cruiser «Aurora», hailed by the Soviet songs, is unconditional landmark of St. Petersburg. It stands at the Peter Embankment and is considered a true monument of Russian shipbuilding. The ship was built in 1897, and in 1900 was launched. The battle cruiser was baptized in 1905 during the Tsushima battle of Russian-Japanese war. During the First World War, «Aurora» took an active part in the fights in the Baltic Sea. And finally, during the notorious revolution of 1917, the cruiser played a key role by firing its only salvo, which was the signal to storm the Winter Palace. Today the cruiser «Aurora» is one of the most original museums in St. Petersburg.

In this unusual museum of St. Petersburg one can see around 50 original documents testifying about the role of the ship in the history of the Russian state.