Nekresi Estate

Nekresi Estate

The Nekresi Estate is situated on Nekresi Monastery Road in the small village of Shilda in the Kvareli district. Tucked away in an alley of centuries-old plane trees, the estate provides visitors with lodging, a restaurant terrace, and a wine cellar where unique Georgian wine is produced.

Temo Ninoshvili and Oto Tabatadze launched Nekresi Estate in 2019. Why is this place so unique? It is situated in a captivating natural setting on historical ground. The ruins of Nelkarisi, an ancient city, are close by the estate. These ruins date back to the second century BC. Another remarkable historical monument nearby - Nekresi Monastery was established by one of the Assyrian fathers, Abibo Nekreseli in the VI century. Abibo settled here and started spreading Christianity across the country. The monastery that he established centuries ago is functional up to this day and frequently visited by pilgrims and tourists who want to appreciate the architecture and views unfolding from the old arches of the monastery. Proximity to such historical places and beautiful nature makes a visit to the estate even more special.

Nekresi Estate


There are a total of eight rooms at the Nekresi Estate hotel, including two triples and six doubles. The maximum number of guests that the hotel can accommodate is twenty. All the rooms in the hotel have a beautiful view of Nekresi Monastery and Caucasus mountains. The hotel has a wooden exterior with historic Georgian embellishments. In addition to being ornamental, wooden decorations guarantee the building's thermal stability.

Nekresi Estate

Restaurant and Terrace 

The restaurant, with an open terrace, accommodates up to 120 people. The concept of the restaurant is “from the farm to the table”. Ecologically clean products are used to prepare the dishes. You will find here many national dishes with a contemporary touch and new spicy flavors.


Nekresi Estate

Excellent wine has been produced in Nekresi estates since 2011. The cellar is located on the first floor of the hotel. The wine cellar is equipped with qvevris (earthenware vessels used for the fermentation, storage, and aging of Georgian wine) of up to forty tons.


  • Rkatsiteli Qvevri
  • Mtsvane Qvevri
  • Kisi Qvevri (Asia Wine Trophy Silver Prize)
  • Mukhrani Chinebuli
  • Saperavi Qvevri
  • Sparkling wine Mtsvane

Nekresi wines are exported: to the US, New York to the Astor Wines and Spirit store, as well as various stores in Israel and South Korea. Nekresi Estate wines are available at 8000 Vintages in Tbilisi if you're wishing to purchase any.


Nekresi Estate

Nekresi estates provide visitors with fine dining, a variety of events like birthdays, corporate gatherings and weddings are held here often.

You can also reserve the following services:

Participation in Rtveli (harvest holiday) - In September-October, guests can take part in the traditional rural festival Rtveli which includes picking and squeezing grapes and having a feast.

Wine tasting - book a wine tasting tour at Nekresi Estate, during which you will get acquainted with different types of wines produced in the cellar, the host will also educate you on the vineyards, its maintenance, and winemaking techniques throughout the tasting.

Dinner in the vineyard - what compares to dinner in the the vinyard where the panoramic views unfold in front of you? In the estates of Nekresi, this desire will be fulfilled for you as well.

Culinary master classes - a wonderful opportunity to learn to make Georgian dishes such as khinkali, Georgian shashlik, shoti bread, and Georgian sweet churchkhela.

Bicycle tours and horse riding are also available to visitors to the Nekresi estates.

In addition to the variety of offers, one of the main values of this place is the staff creating a warm environment to make you feel at home.