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Author: Jean Y.   |   Rating: 521 October 2017
This tour was far beyond expectations + normal standards. I was so happy with every aspect of organization + staff. The support was beyond anything I`ve experienced. Staff were kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, very professional. Communication was excellent. I would return again with this company + recommend to my friends. Standard was very high + gives a wonderful impression of Uzbekistan.

Visited September 2017
Author: Laor Moshi   |   Rating: 526 May 2017
The tour was very interesting we got the opportunity to see and learn about the history, the culture, the traditions of Uzbekistan. We met nice and friendly people, tasted the good uzbek food and stayed in lovely hotels.
The guide Vadim is smart and very nice and pleasant guide. Valentina is very interesting lady, many stories, a lot of knowldege. Mrs. Nazira is very good guide who knows a lot, good explanations, good humor.
Thank you for everything!

Visited May 2017
Author: Ronald Cleaver   |   Rating: 508 May 2017
An excellent trip - we knew what we wanted + Advantour delivered it very well. We never use travel agencies but on this occasion pleased we used Advantour. Ms. Rozikova very professional + helpful. Changes made efficiently as requested. Very impressed as trip went really well.

Visited April 2017
Author: Glass   |   Rating: 531 October 2016
We enjoyed to discover Uzbekistan and we wish to come back with friends.

Visited October 2016
Author: Wong Kong To Roy   |   Rating: 505 September 2016
It was different from all the travel I had been before. All the sightseeings were amazingly beautiful. I saw the different site of Islamic countries. People in Uzbekistan were friendly and most of them were willing to help even though we spoke different languages. The arrangement of the tour was great and I had a chance to take domestic flight and express train trip in this tour so that I could know more about the country. All the guides: Vadim, Susana, Mansur and Mavlyuda were good and informative. They all spoke fluent English.

Visited August 2016
Author: Jacqueline McCormick   |   Rating: 531 May 2016
Really wonderful - Thank you for helping us))

Visited March 2016
Author: CM Vasudev   |   Rating: 403 June 2015
Our tour was efficiently organised. The guide was knowledgable and well informed. We could not get hotels of our choice despite a fairly long advance planning. Extra charges for Hotel Registan was not justified considering the overall pricing of the tour. Fees for visits to monuments was covered in the package but we had to pay for taking pictures. Amount was not much but we should have been informed that this fee is extra. When we landed at Bukhara airport we had to wait a long time for our mini bus to arrive. All in all we had a very enjoyable trip- thanks to Advantour.

Visited May 2015

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