Kyrgyzstan Horse Riding Tours

Kyrgyzstan Horse Riding Tours

The Kyrgyz from time immemorial were the nomadic steppe people. Staying at every place for a shot time they changed their encampments, moving from one to another pastures driving numerous flocks and horse herds at that.

You will trace interesting routes of the nomads during horse back riding tours in Kyrgyzstan, visit the most picturesque places and also get in touch with their culture and life as part of the horse tours. You will experience living in Kyrgyz yurts (tents), have local food and kumys – horse milk.

Kyrgyzstan Horse Riding Tour

Horse Riding Tour in Kyrgyzstan

Horse riding tour will open up essentials of Kyrgyz lifestyle that has inherited and kept much from the nomadic ancestors. You will be transferred to the world of stunning scenery, high mountains, inspiring nature; stay in yurts, try authentic nomadic food and ride around beautiful Son Kul lake.

Bishkek, Kochkor, Kilemche, Jaman Echki, Tulpar-Tash, Tulga-Tash, Son-Kul lake

Details6 Days | July, August

Horse Riding Tour Around Lake Issyk-Kul

Horse Riding Tour Around Lake Issyk-Kul

A 10-day tour is suitable even for the riders-beginners.

Bishkek, Barskoon, Arabel Valley, Gorge Zhuuku, Saruu valley, Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu valley, Chon-Kyzyl-Suu valley, Jety-Oguz Gorge, Karakol, Cholpon-Ata

Details10 Days | Mid June – mid September

Horse Riding Tour: Discover the Mountains

Horse Riding Tour: Discover the Mountains

Horse riding in alpine places in the south of Kyrgyzstan is ahead of you. The program plans the visits of several picturesque places.

Bishkek, Chichkan, KaraSuu, Sary-Chelek, Toktogul

Details11 Days | Mid June – mid September

Essentials Horseback Tour

Essentials Horseback Tour

6-day horse tour in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan: gorges Chon-Kemin and Kalma-Ashuu.

Bishkek, Chon-Kemin, Kalmak-Ashuu Gorge, Cholpon-Ata etc.

Details6 Days | Mid June – mid September

Horseback Riding Cultural Tour: Nomad’s History

Kyrgyzstan Horseback Riding Tour: Nomad’s History

Discover the nomadic country of green meadows and celestial mountains on the horse with our Kyrgyzstan Horseback Riding Tour. You will be free to make stops by rivers and gorges and enjoy the beauty of nature at full. In addition, the itinerary is well diversified with cultural sightseeing to get the best Kyrgyzstan offers to tourists.

Bishkek, Ala-Archa, Kochkor, Kelimche, Son-Kul, Jety-Oguz Gorge, Karakol, Cholpon-Ata

Details7 Days | Mid June – mid September