Altai Private Tours

Altai: Golden Mountains Tour

Altai: Golden Mountains tour is an adventure in which you will see the most interesting sights of the Altai Mountains. You will get acquainted with the history, culture, and life of the indigenous people.

Barnaul, Biysk, Polevodka, Srostki, lake Teletskoye, Gorno-Altaisk, Sky-Blue Katun, Chemal, Enclosure for marals, Chibit, Karakol, Altaiskoye, Belokurikcha, Soloneshnoye, Sibiryachikha
11 Days | May – October | Reviews (0)
Altai-Transsib-Baikal Tour

The Altai-Transsib-Baikal tour is an opportunity to learn the legends of the Altai Mountains, see Olkhon Island and the famous Lake Baikal, as well as get to know the locals.

Novosibirsk, Biysk, Manzherok, Chemal, Teletskoe Lake, Chibit, Irkutsk, Olkhon, Khuzhir, Ust-Barguzin, Ulan-Ude
18 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Altai Mongolia Tour

Altai-Mongolia tour is one of the most interesting and mysterious tours. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and life of mountain Altaians and residents of Mongolia, as well as taste national dishes.

Barnaul, Biysk, Srostki, Artybash, Gorno-Altaisk, Lower Katun, Manzherok, Sky-Blue Katun, Chemal, Karakol, Chibit, Chagan-Uzun, Tashanta, Ulgii, Ulaanbaatar
16 Days | April - October | Reviews (0)
Siberian Maslenitsa Tour

Participate in the fascinating festival of Maslenitsa (Russian “pancake week”), while discovering the history, culture, and nature of the Altai region and experiencing the fairy-tale Siberian winter.

Novosibirsk, Gorno-Altaisk, Ust-Muny, Chemal, Blue Eyes of Katun, Altaiskoye, Belokurikha, Sibiryachikha, Novotyryshkino, Solonovka, Lake Svetloye, Barnaul
8 Days | Winter | Reviews (0)

The Altai Republic, a less-travelled part of Russia, is an ideal destination for lovers of untouched nature, unique experiences, and off-the-beaten-track places. Take a private Altai tour with us to explore or trek the region’s stunning mountains, lakes, rivers, caves, and glaciers, and journey along one of the 10 most-beautiful roads in the world, the Chuysky Tract. Discover Altai’s culture by visiting historical museums, ethnoparks, and Russian Orthodox churches, as well as learning about Shamanic rituals, tasting traditional cuisine, and listening to throat singing. Participate in unique activities like sleeping in a house built on beehives, taking a traditional Russian sauna, helping construct an ecological trail, or learning how to cook pelmeni (Russian dumplings). Our private Altai tours can be combined with visits to Siberia’s crown jewel, Lake Baikal, or to Mongolia, to experience the lives of nomads – see the sample itineraries below or request a tailor-made tour!