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Author: Anindita Bhattacharya   |   Rating: 516 January 2023
I had a wonderful trip and very much enjoyed my time!
All the guides were amazing and extremely friendly.
The tour was very smooth and I was extremely happy with how approachable all of you were!

The only bit of suggestion I would give is that on day 2 - we started at 8.30am but reached Baku airport by 4.30pm for a 9.45pm flight. By the time we reached the hotel at Tbilisi, it was a really long day - which could have been helped a little if we started later in the day - instead of sitting around for so long in the Baku airport. I understand that during travel, we might have long days due to transit, but in this case, it seems like timings could be adjusted a little bit.

Other than this, I would change absolutely nothing!
I absolutely loved the dinner in Baku! It was truly a beautiful introduction to the local cuisine.
The food at Tbilisi was also great.
I am not sure how local the Yerevan dinner was though - getting something like the Baku meal - which was more of a grand local cuisine sampler - would also be great!

Thank you again for all the collaboration and putting up with all the questions I came up with!

I am especially fond of the time spent with Keti and her very friendly nature, and hope to keep in touch with her too!

Thank you again for everything!
It was an extremely memorable trip!

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