Georgia Adventure Tours

Rafting Tour in Georgia: down the Rioni River

Rafting tour on Rioni River is fun, adventurous, and extreme experience. As Georgia has numerous mountain rivers it gives a perfect opportunity to experience rafting of different complexities.

Tbilisi, Uplistsikhe, Ubisa, Shrosha, Kutaisi, Prometheus cave, Rioni
4 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Georgia Hiking and Mountain Village Tour

Explore the stunning mountain scenery and historical mountain villages of Georgia’s mysterious Svaneti region on your own two feet with this hiking tour. Other highlights include Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Uplistsikhe cave town, and Okatse Canyon.

Tbilisi, Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta, Uplistsikhe, Kutaisi, Okatse Canyon, Gelati Monastery, Mestia, Ushguli
13 Days | June - September | Reviews (0)
Hiking Tour to Lagodekhi Waterfalls

Hiking Tour to Lagodekhi Waterfalls offers you a sliver of paradise in Georgia’s first nature reserve, Lagodekhi National Park. The adventure includes two long, scenic hikes to the park’s most exquisite waterfalls, a swim in a natural pool, homecooked Georgian meals and an overnight stay at a cozy family guesthouse.

Tbilisi (start and end point only), Lagodekhi
2 Days | April - November | Reviews (0)
3-day Hiking Tour to Shatili, Mutso & Roshka

Discover history and nature in a remote area of Georgia on this 3-day off the beaten track mountain villages hiking tour to Shatili, Mutso & Roshka. Visit the unique fortified villages of Shatili and Mutso and hike through Alpine landscapes to the three vivid Abudelauri Lakes.

Zhinvali Reservoir, Datvisjvari Pass, Shatili, Anatori Necropolis, Mutso Fortress, Roshka, Abudelauri Lakes
3 Days | June-September | Reviews (0)
Kazbegi and Kakheti Hiking Tour

Kazbegi and Kakheti Hiking Tour in Georgia is an 8-day journey filled with day hikes and tours to old churches, remote villages, medieval fortresses, stunning waterfalls and canyons. Join us for breathtaking views and cultural discoveries through Tbilisi, Kazbegi, Telavi, Kakheti, Birtvisi Canyon and Juta Valley.

Tbilisi, Kazbegi, Truso Valley, Juta Valley, Aragvi River, Telavi, Lagodekhi, Birtvisi Canyon
8 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Georgia Ski Tour

Combine your skiing holiday with the cultural tour, and a wonderful experience of Borjomi winter forest trekking with 8 day Georgia Ski Tour.

Tbilisi, Gudauri, Borjomi, Bakuriani
8 Days | Winter | Reviews (0)
Grand Winter Tour in Georgia

Experience all major Georgian winter destinations during the 11-day winter tour. Gudauri, Bakuriani and Mestia – all in one adventurous journey.

Tbilisi, Gudauri, Borjomi, Bakuriani, Mestia (Svaneti)
11 Days | Winter | Reviews (0)
2-day Georgia Winter Tour to Borjomi and Bakuriani

A two-day winter tour of Georgia’s most pristine landscapes and enchanting villages complete with spectacular mountain views and winter sports fun.

Borjomi, Bakuriani
2 Days | Winter | Reviews (0)

Georgia is a country of snow-capped mountains and alpine meadows. In search of adventures, you will find no better place than this amazing land. There you can reach the stars at the height of over 5000 m from the Mount Kazbek, play with clouds at the highest point of Georgia on the Mount Shkhara, hone your skiing skills on steep slopes of Bakuriani, enjoy rafting in the wild Aragvi river, paraglide above Gudauri and ride a horse in picturesque valleys of Svaneti. Choose your next active holiday and life long memories with our Georgia adventure tours.

Moreover, Georgia adventure tours will fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, your eyes with the beauty of wild nature and your heart with warm Caucasian hospitality.