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Author: Nelly   |   Rating: 510 April 2023
A huge thank you for such a wonderful trip to Uzbekistan. The sites we visited were beyond everything I imagined. We couldn't have done this trip without your help and the great service provided by Advantour. The drivers were all very professional, friendly and always on time. The guides in every city were friendly and amazing teachers! It has been like taking a crash course on Central Asian history, art and civilization. While I was a History and Literature major back in college, my education on Central Asia was minimal. We enjoyed every single hotel we stayed at. They were all very unique and special with beautiful Uzbek touches. The staff at Rabat Hotel in Samarkand was specially kind and helpful. They shared a lot of information about the special house and its history. I will always remember them!

Visited April 2023
Author: Rebeca   |   Rating: 531 October 2022
We cannot fully thank you for such a marvelous tour. Your professionalism was beyond even our wildest expectations. Everything Worked like a swiss watch. Your choice of guides was right on target ,Keeping in mine that we were not a young group. We will spread this to anyone that will listen to us both family and friends. We have just returned 2 days ago so sorry that this Took Longer to send. I will give your address to some travel agents that i have Worked with when i traveled with my students. Keep save and thank you again for making my dream come true of visiting the silk road.

Visited October 2022
Author: Hiroko   |   Rating: 531 October 2022
Belated but sincerely we like to express our thanks for your support for making our trip in Uzbekistan such a memorable one. The drivers and guides on the list were very good and professional. Mr. Ulugbek in Tashkent on the first day was especially excellent and introduced us with helpful knowledge to start our journey. Ms. Saida in Khiva was also very informative and helpful. Sorry to say Mr. Kamal in Nukas seemed not so eager to work, or he didn’t know of our program well, and he almost skipped Gyaur-Kala fortress and asked us if we wanted to get closer to see it, so we of course said yes and we saw it. He did not show us around the city of Nukus at all, so next day we asked Mr. Izzat, guide of the next day, to have a quick drive of the city before leaving the city, and he was cooperative for that. Except for this incident everything went well and we are both very satisfied for the safe driving and all the information we received. So a big thank you !!

Visited October 2022
Author: hanna shaul   |   Rating: 510 May 2022
We have just returned 2 couples from a comprehensive 12 day trip n the amazing Uzbekistan.
We contacted Advantour Uzbekistan after reading hot recommendations about the company.
Shavkat a senior representative of the company replied on the same day and thus began regular communication, both during the pre-flight period and during the stay in Uzbekistan. In the first stage, we set the date of arrival, length of stay, our favorite places and sites and when and how we will need a driver / guide. We made changes to the program following Shavkats advice
Shavkat closed domestic flights, trains, drivers and guides (we booked an international flight and hotels, in retrospect we had to allow Shavkat to book the hotels as well).
I want to thank the agency but especially the amazing Shavkat for their patience, and impeccable and trouble-free organization that made the trip experience amazing, great drivers who arrived well before the scheduled time no matter what time, a pampering van, great guides with English speaking skills (not obvious, direction That the English language is not common in Uzbekistan) who instructed beyond the set time and a much lower price than companies in the country.
Highly recommend the agency, excellent, reliable and quality, and especially Shavkat their representative who was always at our disposal at any time, any request and change was immediately made to our satisfaction and thus the trip became amazing

Visited May 2022
Author: Baudouin Coomans   |   Rating: 406 November 2017
I was very pleased with my trip overall. My guides were quite good.Drivers were perfect and very friendly.

Visited September 2017
Author: Julie Gibson   |   Rating: 512 July 2017
Our tour leader was delightful, knows so much history and is very attentive to our every need. We had no big problems, but any small issues he handled right away. He worked very hard for us and made it a truly extraordinary trip.

Visited June 2017
Author: Basilia Madzudzu   |   Rating: 512 July 2017
Stress free. Well-organized. Good balance of things to see. Airport express service was excellent and fruit bowl.
In summer, it is too hot to do mid-day walking tours. Suggest split into 2 tours (early morning and late afternoon). Remind people to bring umbrellas.
The guides were excellent. Vadim was easy to understand with good pace. Flexible. Valentina in Samarkand is knowledgeable but too many details, spoke very clearly. Maxsuma in Bukhara is knowledgeable but too many details. Not always easy to understand. Saida in Khiva spoke far too quickly. Very friendly and flexible. Difficult to understand.

Visited June 2017
Author: Steen Andersen   |   Rating: 529 June 2017
We have super impression of the tour, everything worked perfectly, we had no problems at all.
We have had a great time in Uzbekistan, only met friendly and helpful people.
We will without doubt use Advantour if ever again going to Central Asia. All guides were very good at communicating what they had to tell, all of them had great knowledge of their city and the sights.

Visited June 2017
Author: Volker Stoetzner   |   Rating: 530 May 2017
Excellent organization, very good service, excellent guides: Rano in Bukhara is a very personal guide with friendly conversation; Abdulaziz in Samarkand gave us very good historical information. Drivers were very friendly.

Visited May 2017
Author: Virginia & Basil Bastaki   |   Rating: 526 May 2017
Excellent! We would definitely book with you again. You made our tour easy, fun, informative and problem free. Our arrival at the airport was very easy. We were thrilled to see the rep from Advantour waiting at the bottom of our plane when we arrived. We were the first passengers to leave the airport. All the guides were flexible to our needs (taking photos, asking questions,etc.) It was great that Advantour arranged all the highlights for us.

Visited April 2017
Author: Darryl Gibson&Brenda Bushell   |   Rating: 512 May 2017
Outstanding. Every day we learned so much from our guides. Not only did they show and explain the history of the main sights, but also took us to back streets and minor sights connecting past + present day life. Our guides were so personable, ready to answer our questions and give advice on restaurants, etc. Both the drivers and tour guides were always on time, trains were on time and pleasant - no snags whatsoever. Thank you for a most memorable holiday.

Visited May 2017
Author: Jon Ryan   |   Rating: 508 May 2017
Very well organised + co-ordinated. The guide Asel in Tashkent is knowledgeable + helpful. Larisa in Samarkand - do not need to tell me obvious. Nailya in Bukhara - too much unnecessary information - read museum description, not necessary. Muhammad in Khiva is very very good.

Visited April 2017
Author: Nisit Santiwongarn   |   Rating: 502 May 2017
This trip is beyond our expectations. Everything is perfect. Long history, good people, perfect weather, excellent tour arrangement. We will use the service of Advantour in future occasion!

Visited April 2017
Author: Shanthi Sanjay   |   Rating: 530 December 2016
Excellent organization of the tour. Very good tour guide. Our tour leader Bakhrom-(bek) was so warm, very knowledgeable and had impeccable English. As a human so considerate. The driver was so patient throughout our journey from Tash - Samarkand - Ferghana - Bukhara - Khiva.

Visited September 2016
Author: NGIAM AI LING   |   Rating: 530 December 2016
We enjoyed the trip. Enough interesting places of scenery, history, artichecture - a unique experience. Something different from our other trips. The guides, Zokhid in Tashkent and Maksuma in Bukhara were helpful and friendly, Anvar in Samarkand - knowledgeable and good food recomendations. Saida in Khiva is a very friendly, hospitable and enthusiastic guide.

Visited November 2016
Author: Snehanand Sinha   |   Rating: 515 July 2016
Advantour is a great service provider. They understand your needs well and are more than willing to accommodate changes as many times as you desire. Every time I would research a topic and pose the query they they would promptly respond and give frank opinion. As a result, we had marvelous trip of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan. The excellent guide Noila in Bukhara assisted in identifying good landscapes.

Visited May 2016
Author: Gerarld and Louise   |   Rating: 508 July 2016
Uzbekistan remains an undiscovered country which is a shame. The people are magnificent, friendly, cooperating, helpful, we really liked them.
We felt very safe here and of course the historical sites are outstanding.
If the Uzbek authorities made entry easier, as Kazakhstan does, life would be so much better. That apart it is an excellent country to visit we will come back, and encourage our friends to visit.

Visited April 2016
Author: Nozomi Suzuki   |   Rating: 505 July 2016
Highlight of all the historic places covered in 7 days. Tour guide was excellent and we are very happy to have he with us in the last 7 days. Without her, the tour would have been very different overall. Uzbekistan is a beautiful country and Advantour gives the best travel arrangement and suggestions. We would like to come back here and of course, we will contact Advantour. Nice driver also (safe driving).

Visited May 2016
Author: Jacqueline Morris   |   Rating: 520 June 2016
This was an excellent and reasonably priced tour of an extraordinarily beautiful country. Guides, drivers and hotels were professional. I am old and arthritic and every one helped me. We were always treated like intelligent adults.
As for guides, we had an excellent mahalla tour with Zohiraka; Larisa- helpful with dining; Nazira- excellent, scholarly historical guide. She gave introduction to museum and also free time to look around; Saida- friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable. She gave us options and was accommodating.

Visited May 2016
Author: Jeffrey Hobbs   |   Rating: 509 June 2016
Wonderful! Everything was super, smooth. A delightful vacation. Uzbekistan was worth waiting for!

Visited April 2016

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