Georgia Tours from Abu Dhabi

Georgia tours from Abu Dhabi

Take a short flight from Abu Dhabi to discover Georgia, a land of numerous mountains, picturesque lakes, sea resorts, thousands of architectural monuments, and hundreds historical cities and villages. Despite having a lower total area than the United Arab Emirates, Georgia manages to mysteriously fit it all! Visitors arriving in Georgia from Abu Dhabi will be greeted by the pleasant weather and lush landscape. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range shields the country from the cold air from the north, while Lesser Caucasus Mountains protect the country from hot, dry air in the south creating a wonderful environment for diverse vegetation.

But why is travel from Abu Dhabi and the UAE to Georgia increasing in popularity? First, increased connectivity to multiple destinations within Georgia. Secondly, ease of access with relaxed visa and entry requirements. Thirdly – and most importantly – the sheer attractiveness of Georgia as a country of diverse nature and incredibly hospitable people.

Georgia tours from Abu Dhabi

There are now five weekly flights operated by WizzAir between Abu Dhabi and Kutaisi, one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the world and Georgia's third-most populous city. The flight takes only four hours. Kutaisi is a great entry point to experiencing both the natural and architectural history of Georgia with snowy mountains, revered cathedrals, and beautiful waterfalls in an affordable prices. Additionally, Air Arabia operates four weekly flights to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. This shorter flight takes just over 3 ½ hours. Thus, you can break from the hot climate of beautiful deserts and blue skies of the Arabian Peninsula to the moderate climate, snowcapped mountains, and greenery of Georgia.

Visa requirements for traveling to Georgia from UAE

First, Emirati citizens and citizens of nearly 100 countries enjoy visa-free travel to Georgia. Expatriates with Emirati residence visas are also eligible for visa-free travel to Georgia. The country and its people are generous and so are the policies for welcoming tourists from all over the world.

Shio-Mgvime Monastery, Georgia tours from Abu Dhabi

The natural beauty of the country and incredible architecture of Georgia have attracted visitors for millennia. The combination of different climates within a relatively short distance and amazing historical buildings in remote areas make Georgia a truly unique country to visit. Many remote mountain areas are where the ancient monasteries and fortresses can be found, telling the story of centuries gone by. The geology of Georgia creates an intriguing mix of many rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs – all of which give rise to many health and spa resorts. Last but not least, the capital Tbilisi offers vibrant culture and exciting new flavours and sounds. Numerous hotels of the highest quality offer excellent service to all visitors.

Ski Resort Hatsvali in Mestia, Georgia tours from Abu Dhabi

Georgia is a fantastic destination in the winter. If you enjoy snow and winter activities, you will love Georgia all the more – trying out the many ski resorts. If you are newer to cold winter holidays, then Georgia is an excellent place to experience a winter holiday for the first time – or to get more experience in the wonderland that a snowy and cold winter can be. For skiing and snowboarding, resorts like Gudauri offer many exciting runs for more those more experienced. Yet, Georgia offers many resorts that cater well to those who are only trying out snow sports. In the region where Gudauri is, you can see some of the most famous peaks of the country, including Sadzele, and the nearby summits of Bidara and Chrdili.

Mountain Pasture, Georgia tours from Abu Dhabi

Georgia is truly a country to visit all year-round. In the summer the climate is warm by the sea and lower altitudes, yet comfortably cool in the mountains. During the summer season, visitors flock to Batumi, Georgia’s Black Sea resort city. Batumi is easily accessible from Kutaisi – one of the airports with direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Georgia. Batumi is a surprising city with exotic subtropical flora and fauna, and nestled in between the mountains and the Black Sea shore. For visitors from Abu Dhabi or the UAE, the abundant palm trees will surprise. Many similar plants and trees are found on the shore of the Black Sea – in and around Batumi. These include cypress-, and bamboo-trees, magnolias, oleanders, and more. Not only is Batumi the seaport for Georgia, but it is also a tourism hub thanks to its excellent location. Many upscale luxury hotels, casinos, and restaurants lead some people to call Batumi the Las Vegas of the Black Sea! At the same time, Batumi deserves its reputation as a welcoming and relaxing city for holidays with plenty of cozy cafes and local destinations to experience.

Adjarian Khachapuri, Georgia tours from Abu Dhabi

Delectable Georgian cuisine is famous world over and one of the main draws on tours leaving from Abu Dhabi to Georgia. Everyone will discover a cuisine in Georgia that suits their tastes – it is so wide and rich. Though Georgian food is heavy on meat and fish, many vegetarian options are frequently available. Some of the most famous foods to try include khatchapouri (cheesy bread), juicy khinkali (Georgian dumplings), kebabs, chakhokhbili (stewed chicken), kharcho (beef soup), and many more. Many restaurants in the major cities also offer halal food – both Georgian and regional cuisine. With such a rich and diverse cuisine there is truly something delicious for any taste and dietary requirement.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single first step; take this by booking your adventure to Georgia with Advantour Caucasus. Create memories that will last forever and speak to us about your dream travels from Abu Dhabi to Georgia.

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