Georgia Tours from Qatar

Georgia is a beautiful country, attracting travelers with its unique traditions, exquisite cuisine, lovely landscapes, and enchanting hospitality. Traveling to Georgia from Qatar can be simple and straightforward.

5-day Georgia Halal Tour

5-day Georgia Halal Tour

5-day Georgia halal tour will present the best of Georgia: cultural and historical places, architectural monuments and natural beauties.

Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Ananuri, Kazbegi, Gudauri, Gori, Uplistsikhe, Kutaisi, Shrosha, Motsameta, Prometheus Cave, Martvili

Details5 Days | Spring, summer, autumn

Georgia Classic Tour

Georgia Classic Tour

Explore traditional winemaking, exquisite cuisine and historical landmarks of Georgia in 7 days! Find out more about tour itinerary and book your unforgettable holiday.

Tbilisi, Telavi, Shumi, Tsinandali, Gremi, Kvareli, Sighnaghi, Bodbe, Mtskheta, Ananuri, Kazbegi, Gori, Uplistsikhe, Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Vardzia

Details7 Days | All year round

Georgia at a Glance

Georgia at a Glance

Four days spent in both modern and old Georgian capitals and their surroundings is an exposure to the special world of Caucasian romance, gastrophilism and hospitality of local people.

Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Ananuri, Kazbegi, Gori, Uplistsikhe

Details4 Days | All year round

Beautiful Georgia Tour

Beautiful Georgia Tour

The beautiful Georgia tour is a great opportunity to uncover the most bewitching places in the country. The program includes cultural, historical, and natural sites and leaves free time for you to explore the marvels of Georgia as well.

Tbilisi, Tsalka Canyon, Sighnaghi, Kazbegi, Ananuri, Uplistsikhe, Kutaisi, Batumi

Details8 Days | All year round

Explore Georgia with Tours from Qatar

Georgia tours from Qatar

Georgia is a beautiful country, attracting travelers with its unique traditions, exquisite cuisine, lovely landscapes, and enchanting hospitality.

Did you know that a direct flight from Doha to Georgia takes only 3 hours?!

Traveling to Georgia from Qatar can be simple and straightforward. Georgia is a very safe country, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Renowned for its hospitality, Georgia welcomes organized tours and independent explorers alike. Guided group and private trips cost a fraction of equivalent tours in Western Europe and North America, and with inexpensive food and accommodation available in every city, the country can host even the thriftiest of travelers.

Georgia has very pleasant weather conditions, with cool mountain air, and short refreshing rains. The nature here is magical! Georgia tours from Qatar offer guests picturesque mountains, green forests, vineyards, and refreshing rivers with waterfalls.

Let's take a closer look at why traveling to Georgia from Qatar is a great choice for a vacation!

Doha-Tbilisi Flight, Georgia tours from Qatar

The direct flight from Doha to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, takes only 3.05 hours. There are regular Non-stop flights several times a week and various connected flights as well!

Visa requirements for traveling to Georgia from Qatar

The citizens and the holders of the residence permit of Qatar do not need a visa to Georgia! You can stay here without a visa for a whole year! Georgia welcomes the development of tourism, and therefore it is open to travelers from almost all over the world.

Georgia tours from Qatar

Georgia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and this creates a special flavor. The infrastructure and architecture are reminiscent of European cities, and local traditions, hospitality, and cuisine are quite close to the East. The Georgian people even have a proverb "Every guest is a gift from God."

The nature of Georgia is another strong advantage of the Georgia tours from Qatar. Almost the entire country is covered with green forests and fields, numerous rivers and waterfalls flow from the mountains, and a cool wind blows from the Caucasus Range. It often rains on the Black Sea coast, in Batumi, and its vicinities.

Georgia tours from Qatar

Winter tourism in Georgia has much to offer. Tours to Georgia from Qatar offer many adventures to experienced and non-experienced skiers. Enjoy the well-developed infrastructure and unlimited possibilities in Gudauri, Mitarbi, and Bakuriani winter resorts. If you plan to spend more time in Georgia, Svaneti and Goderdzi will be the ideal choice for you. Delicious food, professional slopes, fresh air, and cozy cottages will make your trip to Georgia from Qatar unforgettable.

Georgia tours from Qatar

Tours from Qatar to Georgia offer each traveler delicious Georgian Cuisine. In Georgia, everyone can find a variety of foods suited to their taste. Georgians love meat and fish dishes, although vegetarian and kid-friendly options are also common. During your Georgia tours from Qatar, you can sample cheesy khachapuri bread, juicy khinkali dumplings, large kebabs, tapaka chicken, chakhokhbili stewed chicken, flavorful chikhirtma chicken soup, kharcho beef soup, and many more deciduous dishes.

Non-Muslim residents of Qatar can travel to Georgia from Qatar to taste famous Georgian wines: Saperavi, Mukuzani, Khvanchkara, Tsinandali, and other authentic and delicious local wines.

Georgia tours from Qatar

There are several mosques in Georgia, where local believers and tourists can pray. Islam in Georgia was introduced in the 7th century and since then, the Muslim community has had equal rights as Christians. Georgia tours from Qatar will enable you to visit sacred mosques almost in every big city in Georgia.

Various local restaurants serve delicious Halal food, in Tbilisi and the other regions as well, to make your trip to Georgia from Qatar even more enjoyable.