Reviews of Amazing Ancient Cities of Uzbekistan10 Days | Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Nurata, Samarkand

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Author: Anique M.   |   Rating: 513 December 2017
Arrival in Tashkent was organized excellently. Drivers were always on time. Very interesting and beautiful cities. Drivers were all very friendly and very good and safe drivers. We would definitely use Advantour again for trips to Central Asia.

Visited September 2017
Author: Shane and Rhiannon Kay   |   Rating: 506 November 2017
Fantastic tour, well organised from start to finish. The guides were all top quality. Farid (driver) was simply outstanding and made the trip brilliant. He was an extra guide in effect, always willing to answer and offer insight into Uzbek life and always professional.

Visited August 2017
Author: Alessandra Guersi   |   Rating: 522 August 2017
Very good organization of a tour in a beautiful and surprising country with lovely people.

Visited August 2017
Author: Alice Sozzi   |   Rating: 530 June 2017
I am an experienced traveler. I have been travelling a lot, but this time I felt special feeling about Uzbekistan. I am in love with the culture, history, people, everything. I will be back soon.
The guide in Tashkent Vadim was a bit too quick, but good explanation. Bekhruz in Bukhara is super, knowledgeable. He really took care. Very good to talk to him. Laura in Samarkand is very friendly; it was lovely to spend time with her and she is good at explaining. Saida is nice, super and friendly.

Visited June 2017
Author: Yusof Hanlon   |   Rating: 526 May 2017
The tour was extremely well organised and we encountered few issues during our travels which was well appreciated. The connections between cities and guides was well arranged. We asked to see all the sites we wanted and had a large variety of plans into our schedule. There were one or two sites that were closed upon us waiting to visit, it could have been helpful to have checked this earlier to avoid disappointment upon arriving at the site.
Vadim, guide, very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. I learned a lot. Mukhammad Yunusov from Ayaz Kala to Khiva very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Sergey in Termez extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Visited April 2017
Author: Gian Paolo Pelissero&Laura Piazza   |   Rating: 512 May 2017
We planned the tour by ourselves and Sevara helped us to carry it out. The tour was very interesting and the sites we visited were beautiful. Uzbekistan is a very nice country and the people are very friendly and nice. The tour was gone very well, without any inconvenience.

Visited April 2017
Author: Robert Costermans   |   Rating: 504 May 2017
Very good build up.
Khiva -Bukhara- Samarkand
Every place was beautiful, but when you have seen the decoration in Samarkand as first, maybe Khiva was not so interesting anymore.

Visited April 2017
Author: Sergio Ferreira   |   Rating: 511 October 2016
Very well-organised and delivered everything what promises. The only low point was the hotel in Khiva.
Excellent and responsive consultant Sevara.
Guides in Samarkand, Valentina and, in Khiva, Timur were knowledgeable and friendly. Excellent guide was in Bukhara - Nazira, nice and smart lady. Timur in Tashkent seemed to be in hurry to finish the tour.

Visited September 2016
Author: Renata and Adam   |   Rating: 508 July 2016
The tour was well organized and met our expectations. The only part we found slightly disappointing was the yurt camp where hygiene, especially in the toilets, was terrible. However we were very pleased with company overall and would recommend it! We are happy with your services, keep it up!

Visited April 2016
Author: Benjamin Grab   |   Rating: 512 July 2013
Bukhara was certainly the highlight of the trip. In addition to that learning about the rich culture of the country as well as the daily lives of the people sends us back have with a bag pack full of colorful memories.

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