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Author: Alasdair Scott   |   Rating: 523 February 2017
Excellent interactions before arrival. Everything ran on time. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides.
Transportation is good overall - Samarkand-Tashkent train excellent, Tashkent-Khiva train average.

Visited January 2017
Author: Jakub+1   |   Rating: 516 February 2017
I`d like to thank Advantour for the services provided. We were very satisfied with the three tour guides in Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. My mom liked Saida in Khiva most because she was very personable. I enjoyed the day with Valentina in Samarkand because even though she talked non-stop but she is extremely knowledgeable and I could ask many questions and she would answer in details. Mansura in Bukhara was very professional, we liked both her and Bukhara very much.

Visited February 2017
Author: Roxanne Daruwalla   |   Rating: 503 February 2017
We had a great time! Thank you! Unforgettable!

Visited December 2016
Author: Venturelli   |   Rating: 531 October 2016
Perfectly organized, friendly and helpful stuff!
Information about visa, personal medication, etc. were very clear and of course correct.
Thank you for the welcome cards we received in each hotel. The map of the main historical cities was of great help!

Visited October 2016
Author: Jonathan Williams   |   Rating: 527 August 2016
These has been one of the best tours we have been on. Planning has been meticulous. Every guide has been excellent which has given us a greater understanding of your beautiful country. We have enjoyed the diversity of guides. We have seen and done many different things but have never seemed hurried. We really appreciate the high standard of Advantour.

Visited August 2016
Author: Daniela and Mitchell Bardon   |   Rating: 503 May 2016
This is one of the best tours I have ever been on. Excellent service and well-organized logistics. Uzbekistan is great and I would recommend Advantour to all my family and friends.

Visited April 2016
Author: Max Kallert   |   Rating: 507 April 2016
Well-organized, good hotels especially regarding the location,guides and drivers always in time and very helpful (stops at the supermarkets,restaurants etc.)

Visited March 2016
Author: Larissa Dantas   |   Rating: 521 March 2015
We liked very much the cities we visited (Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand), but considering the tour we loved the fact that we didn`t worry about the organization/trasfers/booking, because the agency made everything.

Visited March 2015
Author: Marzia Colombari   |   Rating: 503 September 2014
We have appreciated all our drivers, careful, nice and always on time. All the cities of the tour were gorgeous, all really perfect. Khiva was my favourite city for the authentic life and genuine people I met. Great experience!

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