Reviews of Classic Uzbekistan Group Tour 2023-20248 Days | Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand

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Author: Adam   |   Rating: 527 May 2022
I want to express my gratitude for providing this opportunity for us to visit beautiful Uzbekistan. Our tour was fantastic. Everything was well organized. I definitely recommend your tour to others.

Visited May 2022
Author: Terri   |   Rating: 518 May 2022
In terms of logistics and planning the trip was wonderful. The guides and hotel selection are also good.
The tour in Samarkand felt a bit rushed - I would have liked to have more time to explore the sites before rushing to another place. The hotel in Samarkand was also a bit far from the key sites, compared to more central locations like the hotels in Khiva and Bukhara.

I would love to plan another trip with Advantour in future. All the best!

Visited April 2022
Author: Joao Carreiro   |   Rating: 504 October 2021
I had some wonderful days in Uzbekistan! This was the best tour I ever had.

I am really grateful that you organized all in such a pleasant and impressive way, despite all problems with COVID-19. Everything was perfect.

The group was also a great team and I had much fun in spending these days together.

And Uzbekistan is an amazing country that I will keep in best memory.

Visited September 2021
Author: Pim Allen   |   Rating: 528 December 2019
Excellent tour. Fascinating places, well organised tour and wonderful guide. Really a great week and very highly recommended

Visited April 2019
Author: Barbara   |   Rating: 518 December 2018
Although I`m not used to travel in group, I really enjoyed the tour!
In my opinion, the itinerary was interesting and correctly estimated for the time at disposal. Mansur is a very good guide. He has a wide knowledge and is always focused on people`s wishes/needs. At last, the fact that the group was small and multicultural added a plus to the experience.

Visited June 2018
Author: Stephen   |   Rating: 513 December 2018
The trip (April 13 - 20) was great - no problems at all and everyone that we interacted with was nice and helpful.
Great memories of your wonderful country!

Visited April 2018
Author: Penelope Loughhead   |   Rating: 515 February 2018
Such a fascinating country: loved Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent.
Would recommend!

Visited November 2017
Author: Dennis Geyer   |   Rating: 512 February 2018
I had a wonderful time. The tour exceeded my expectations. We were exposed to a variety of things including historic monuments and buildings,museums and galleries,markets and shows. We also had an opportunity to see countryside. I will definitely return.

Visited November 2017
Author: Norma Anne Haass   |   Rating: 512 February 2018
My expectations were both met and far exceeded by Advantour and your country. Such a wonderland of ancient buildings and explosions of crafts presented by the kindest and most welcoming people.
The escorted portion was beautifully organized.

Visited November 2017
Author: David   |   Rating: 516 November 2017
Very well organised.
Uzbek people were very friendly and helpful everywhere.

Visited November 2017
Author: Nazar Khan   |   Rating: 516 November 2017
Fantastic tour, very professional.
I`m very happy to be in a group of 5 with amazing fellow travelers. Have made friends for life. Having complimentary fruits in the room is a nice touch.
I will definitely use and recommend Advantour in the future.

Visited November 2017
Author: Julianna Keyes   |   Rating: 506 November 2017
The tour was a dream come true. Everything was amazing. I loved the small group, the local guides, the flexibility in the schedule, etc. This was the best group travel experience, I`ve ever had.

Visited October 2017
Author: NK   |   Rating: 531 October 2017
I took a leap of faith by booking my Uzbekistan trip with Advantour and it ended up being a wonderful decision. My travel consultant, Kate, was a pleasure to work with. She responded to all my many inquiries in a timely manner, provided detailed information about the trip and even gave us a small souvenir when our tour group met her in Tashkent.

Even though the tour guides are freelancers, the leaders were great. Batir and Mirza both had a strong command of English and provided us with a wealth of information about Uzbekistan. And Mirza certainly entertained us with his jokes! Meanwhile, the drivers were equally great - whether navigating us through a sandstorm, avoiding potholes on the road, keeping the tour bus clean and always meeting us on time.

Regarding Uzbekistan, you have to be a bit adventurous given the public squat toilets and occasional Soviet era accommodations, but the country`s rich history along the Silk Road and authenticity (no McDonald`s or Starbucks yet) outweigh the inconveniences. Seeing the Registan in Samarkand was certainly wonderful, but there is so much more to explore in the country. Highlights of the trip included the Itchan Kala in Khiva (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the Samanid Mausoleum in Bukhara and the Islamic Complex in Samarkand. Uzbeks are also quite friendly and curious to meet foreigners. Thus, don`t be surprised if they ask to take photos with you.

Finally, while other tour groups were entirely composed of retirees, I was extremely pleased the Advantour group I traveled with represented a broad range of ages and nationalities. As a result, not only did I experience Uzbekistan, but I also learned from my fellow travelers as well.

Thank you for such a wonderful, insightful and reasonably priced vacation.
For those of you considering Uzbekistan - go! And let Advantour help you with the planning.

Visited October 2017
Author: Tova and Zvi Tauber   |   Rating: 522 October 2017
Thank you very much for organizing a magnificent tour for us.
Starting with the group: we were 7 people representing 4 continents, the span of ages was 33 to 76, and with all these differences, we got along very good and had a great time together.
The program was also very good, we managed to cover in a relatively short time the most important attraction in Uzbekistan.
The hotels were OK, some very good, some could be better.
Last but not least our guide Mirza, a wonderful person, a lot of knowledge, very good English. He did his job in a very interesting way and was not a burden on us, he took us to nice local restaurants, shops and we had a very good time with him.

Visited October 2017
Author: Kaye Allen   |   Rating: 523 July 2017
We have just returned from a 9 day tour of Uzbekistan. Firstly, we cannot speak highly enough of Advantours their attention to detail (fruit and water waiting for us every hotel room) very professional and efficient guides drivers and of course our tour organiser Kate. This country and it`s people have a lot to offer advice is to hurry up and go there before it changes too much.

Visited July 2017
Author: Jordi Buckley   |   Rating: 504 July 2017
Very well organized + efficient; provides a comprehensive and in depth overview of both major and minor landmarks, bazaars, as well as multiple other fascinating pockets Uzbekistan has to offer.

Visited June 2017
Author: Graeme Buckley   |   Rating: 504 July 2017
Very good in all services. Couldn`t ask for more or better service.

Visited June 2017
Author: Muhammad Yahya   |   Rating: 508 June 2017
Excellent tour. Very enjoyable. Good value for money. Professional and friendly staff. Very helpful. Gulnara is an excellent guide, exceptional in her profession. Monuments of the tour were excellent. Vadim is also excellent guide in Tashkent - the cleverest, informative and friendly.

Visited May 2017
Author: John Carey   |   Rating: 525 May 2017
I was very pleased with the whole tour. All arrangements were smooth. All the hotels were nice and I particularly like the K.Komil in Bukhara and Malika Kheivak in Khiva. The guide was excellent. Gulnara was able to deal very well with the needs of the group and balance the programme so everyone benefitted. She is very knowledgeable.

Visited May 2017
Author: Chris Myschowoda   |   Rating: 524 May 2017
I liked the itinerary - we saw a lot but also had free time+so on. The route seemed efficient. Enjoyed dance/fashion show in Bukhara. But food /dinner there was poor - just salad+dumplings. The other restaurants were generally ok - except Platan, served mainly foreign foods. Also every place served mainly plov/kebabs - I wish we could have tried places specializing in other/specific local dishes (main dishes, not just soup, dumplings or samosas).

Visited May 2017

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