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Author: Patricia   |   Rating: 55 December 2018
I recently returned from an outstanding tour of the Caucasus, arranged through Advantour. From my first email contact with Yuriy, a year prior to the trip, to my departure, this trip was well organized. The tour guides were excellent and knowledgeable and demonstrated excellent English, the hotels were very good, the learning was excellent. The tour included a good variety of sites and activities. The included meals gave us an excellent taste for local cuisine. I would highly recommend Advantour as a tour company if you wish to visit the Caucasus.
Author: David Lancaster   |   Rating: 521 November 2018
This is an excellent trip with an itinerary that provides a sound introduction to, and good overview of ,three fascinating countries, none of which are particularly well known in the wider world. The setting is the mountainous and spectacular Caucasus region with a rich and at times sad and dark history. Three distinct countries, each with their own culture, language and alphabet but the people encountered throughout were friendly, welcoming and pleased to see visitors.
Every aspect of this trip operated by Advantour was well organised and ran smoothly, from the range and quality of hotels, transport and attention to safety, locations and experiences to the quality of the staff and other partners.
Special mention must be made of Anna Uturgauri who led this group and is up there with the best Tour leaders/guides I have ever met.
A great area to visit with much to offer, especially as it is not a mainstream destination. Go before the tourists do!
Author: Howard and Sue   |   Rating: 55 October 2018
We have just arrived back in Australia after a wonderful Advantour group tour of the Caucasus which began in Azerbaijan, went on to Georgia and finished in Armenia. We had communicated with the Director of Advantour in Tbilisi, Yuriy Klyuev, for almost twelve months prior to the tour and his prompt responses to our multiple enquiries as well as his arranging of visas for Azerbaijan were impressive and efficient. This was during the pre-planning of the tour and we were also fortunate to have Yuriy as a tour member during the Azerbaijan leg of the trip. He always had a smile and a pleasant remark for his clients and became a valued friend by the end of the tour.
Our group leader was Anna Uturgauri, a Georgian native, whose encyclopaedic knowledge of the Caucasus, wonderful facility with languages (she spoke excellent idiomatic English, German, some French and Spanish, Georgian and Armenian), empathy, organisational ability and friendship were the glue which held together a well-chosen itinerary through fascinating historically ancient and significant and beautiful areas of which there are plenty in the Caucasus. The comfort and convenience of the tour group were her primary motivations and the evident love she had of the area she was born in shone through. She too became a friend by tour’s end.
The buses used for the trip were spacious, clean and comfortable for our group of 14-15. The drivers and local guides were well chosen and efficient.
We are great fans of mountains and in each and every corner of the Caucasus we came across high, splendid and inspiring peaks with amazing vistas which satisfied our other passion, that of photography. Some of the mountain scenery in northern Georgia and in southern Armenia rivalled, if not bettered, anything else we have seen in our fairly wide-ranging travels.
The hotels were of excellent class, had spacious rooms and were well situated in the towns and cities we visited.
The cost of living in the Caucasus is quite low comparative to Australia, so meals and goods were well priced. We found the local people to be friendly and the urban environments to be safe for walking at all times, even at night.
The politics and inter-country relationships within the Caucasus are rather fraught and we hope that with time this situation will improve. However these did not impinge in any way on the conduct of the tour with border crossings being relatively trouble free.
Author: Wynoma de Faria   |   Rating: 520 October 2017
Advantour with Yuriy.

It was our second with Advantour the first being​ Uzbekistan May 2016.

First of all on behalf of the group our thanks to Yuriy for having organised a superb travel of the 3 Caucausian countries Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia for a group of 16 pax for 15 days. It was Yuriy`s quick reply to my first mail that made me confirm the destination and then the agency, 15 months before our trip started

Wasn`t sure what to expect as not many people have been to these countries undiscovered by tourists.
It was much more than i expected... grandiose places, full of history culture, different food. etc. One has to visit these countries now before they are exploited by mass tourism.
I have exchanged uncountable mails with Yuriy about hotels, sites, prices, etc, etc. But there was a prompt reply to all the queries, you are amazing Yuriy.
I had no apprehension at all...and right enough from the airport PICK-UP to all land travel may be over 2000 kms to airport DROP we had no problem at all with transportation not even a tyre puncture...the buses and drivers were very good and drove us diligently over the Caucausian mountain gorges and plains.
The hotels were good too, and as requested for central locations all were superbly located and better than reviews, specially the Shah Palace Hotel in Baku, and Aviatran in Yerevan and Mirhav in Goris were excellent.
The guides too were extremely knowledgeable, well versed in their matter with good diction and experienced in their profession and answered all our questions. Patient as well to handle a group of 16, Seymur of Baku, Anna of Georgia and Nune of Yerevan were just top of the line.

The sites included were also well chosen by Advantour, bear in mind that visiting these countries involves a lot of bus travel as one has to move out of the city.
The dinners organised in Tblisi and Yerevan were of high standard with an insight to the folk and food culture of the country, do include one in Baku as completes the cultural experience.

The exit and entry at borders is very time consuming...either the staff is not well informed about the regulations or they simply want to harass travelers....we took over 2 hours crossing from Azerbaijan border to getting to the Georgian side.
Advantour please make a note of the time constraint here and this delays the sighting seeing and thus missed a bit due to arriving at dusk.
Thanks for your effort to get our Armenia Visas
Author: Parker   |   Rating: 52 March 2017
Wonderful tour of the Caucus area. Top notch tour company with excellent itinerary, scenery, activities, guides, transportation, drivers! A true must trip for all. Can`t wait to visit the 5-Stan tour next year!
Author: Jack   |   Rating: 49 February 2017
Really good trip I loved it, encourage others to go! It`s a well run tour and they show you things you wouldn`t believe!
Author: Deborah French   |   Rating: 524 July 2016
Not long returned from my second trip with Advantour & once again I was not disappointed. Advantour is a well run, professional travel agency. Their communication is second to none and they go out of their way to ensure your trip is packed with interest and wonderful experiences. I would highly recommend a tour to Uzbekistan and the Caucasus region; all countries are beautiful, safe and a joy to visit.

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